Why We Are Here. The Tripleshot Media New Year Party Speech.

Jan 11, 2014


There are three things I want to talk about tonight: what 2013 meant, why there is Tripleshot, and why we are here tonight.

We are in the business of telling stories — laying out events, figuring out the thread that ties them, and then communicating them to others. So what do the events of 2013 mean for us?

  • We renewed Green Living, marked two years in broadcasting.
  • Had Leading Ladies put on hold.
  • Filmzilla was delayed.
  • EAA & KD was still trying to crack the foreign distribution equation.
  • We rebooted GAMEPLAN, and with the host search discovered again what it was all about
  • We graduated a new set of Tripleshot Alumni who have gone on to new things and yet our numbers have increased.

2013 was a year of being shaken-up & grounding. Things didn’t go as we planned and as we expected. And the absence of the things we didn’t have, revealed the stuff that we did have. Our network partners, clients, interviewees and peers liked what we did — not just the stories we told and the shows we made but also how we did them.  I think that means, we’re getting it right but it’s just taking time.

But important things take time. They take effort. Sometimes sacrifice. And what we want to do in Tripleshot is important. Because we are not just in the business of telling stories. We are in the business of inspiring people through the stories we tell — not just in what we do but also in how we do it.

  • We want to change lives, gives solutions so that we live more sustainably in our small shared planet.
  • To entertain people, make them laugh a little — because laughter is the son of surprise and the daughter of gratitude.
  • To move people to experience this small planet, take on their own eco adventures, meet fellow travelers along the way and then share the experience with others through stories told and even remember through food that is cooked.
  • To excite people to give 100% in their lives and go where ever their passion takes them — be it in the air, on the ground, in the water and even into the depths of the human condition: challenge & overcoming, discipline & transformation, passion & victory.
  • And we want to do this in a place we enjoy with people we like, respect and get inspired by.

That’s why Tripleshot is here.

And that’s why we are here tonight: to remember, to celebrate each other, to recharge. Because it takes a special type of person to be part of this group. You have to be a little different. You have to be willing to break a little, sacrifice a little, learn a little. You have to want to do something more & make a difference. And if this sounds good to you, if something stirs inside you, then you belong here.

I can tell you that for me, this is it. This is the work of my life. I’m all in. 100%. Because I think it’s worth it. You guys are worth it. What we want to do is worth it. So, if you are moved to give a little more, do a little more, use all your talents a little more, put your heart into it a little more, I can tell you it’s not going to waste. It’s going to mean something. It’s going to make a difference.

Thanks for 2013 guys. And here’s to a great 2014.

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