April’s Fools

March 31, 2014

One year later . On the Anniversary of the GAMEPLAN reboot

Today is a special day. It’s  a special occasion. One year ago tomorrow on April 1, April Fool’s Day, we publicly restarted GAMEPLAN.

I want to say: “When we imagined this day one year ago…” But I can’t. Because I never imagined this day. But since today is a special day, we should celebrate. And it wouldn’t be complete without our hosts. So it is my honor and privilege to introduce the next generation of GAMEPLAN hosts. (Hosts walk in with pizza)

April Fools
Photo by Gerlene Reyes

Why did we choose April Fool’s Day to launch the new GAMEPLAN? One reason is that it is the same date as the founding of Apple – a company founded on passion.  Steve Jobs said it  “What is Apple about? We’re not about making boxes but we do that well. At it’s core, we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.”

Like Apple, what we do is something more than just making a sports show. And we hope that like Apple, we will find success. So April 1 is an Easter egg. A hidden message. Our time capsule buried in the foundations of our beginnings.

We need that reminder because that’s the big bet we are making: 1. That we will move people (to laugh, to think, to get excited, to get jealous — and want your jobs, to go on adventures, to face their fears, to work on becoming the best version of themselves) and 2. That we will move enough people who in turn will bring us sponsors. And that is a reminder more for me: success is not the goal. It’s the just one of the by products of what we do.

It’s a strategy not of certainty but of connecting & calling out to the universe. It’s a fool’s strategy.  A strategy of hope.

But we know how to do that in this company. Since the beginning in April, the universe has been sending us what we need.  In fact, all of you are living walking gifts of the universe. You are meant to be here today. From the one that has the same DNA as a former host, to the one who was brought up by the company where this show started, to the one who has the GP spirit of adventure & drive to share it with others.  And of course to you who work & have invested your lives now to work here. Some have said “no” coz they were looking for stability or something else. You have stayed & risked it with us.  So for all of us, we know the hope of fools and the courage only the foolish have to jump into one great adventure

So one year later, what now?

Now we work. We do it together. We discover the path together. No one is doing what we are doing. There is no one to follow. We must find the path where none exists. Our plans might change a lot and often. It’s like playing a team sport where we discover the rules & the boundaries of what’s possible as we play.  So we’ll hear comments like “Web lang? Kailan yung regular TV? Bakit hindi weekly?” These just reveal that people are trying to get a handle on what we are doing by using old rules and old ways.

While the plans might change, the direction & spirit is the same: we will create a great show and reach more people.  The spirit behind it is the GAMEPLAN spirit:

The GAMEPLAN Gang on the 1st year Anniversary of the show's reboot
The GAMEPLAN Gang on the 1st year Anniversary of the show’s reboot

It’s about fun & adventure. We are going into unchartered territory and there are going to be (as there have been) twists & turns, unexpected things and surprises along the way. So far, from where I stand I can tell you it’s more than what I expected.  There are amazing surprises from the host search to Pico, to covering TBR and TriUnited. Something’s are too good to be true. What the universe has given us is too good to be false. Every time the universe gives us something, I get a sense that we are getting it right and that we’re on the right track.

It’s also about friendship.  The journey is much more enjoyable because we share it together. And I wouldn’t choose anyone else to share it with than this ragtag crew in this room today. I”ve been seeing it, coz we’ve been doing it, the things that make this adventure special: we watch out for each other, we help each other become the best version of ourselves.  Remember Pico reminded us the magic that a group of friends brings to GAMEPLAN — that is true on camera and more so behind the camera.

So we take time today to celebrate in the simple way we do in this office.  It’s a little reminder of what it means to be April’s Fools — those foolish enough and lucky enough to be part of the new GAMEPLAN.



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