Four Things We Can Learn From Winning Our First Award

To Tripleshot Media

On Winning Our First Award

February 22, 2015

On the day we celebrate winning our first award I want to tell you to tell you the story of the first day we shot Green Living, the  first time GAMEPLAN won an award in 1996, and maybe even connect it to our sharing with the Siliman University Students.

The crew & Jake shooting the Manosa house on the 1st day of shooting Green Living
The crew & Jake shooting the Manosa house on the 1st day of shooting Green Living

In the first day of shooting sometime in May 2011 we had lined up Gelo Manosa talking about his green home in the morning and then Ritual, a hipster general store, where everything is green and locally sourced, in the afternoon. The cameraman was Rey, the Sony was fresh out of the box, Alia Vargas (the one who gave that green lounge chair) was the producer for Gelo, Riza for Ritual.

I was the driver and it was Paolo’s van that we used to get from the office to Alabang to the Collective in Makati.  Moving from Alabang to Makati, a car bumped us bad on SLEX ‘coz the guys driving, were coming all the way from Naga and had been driving for 10 hours. I didn’t take that as a good sign on the first day of Tripleshot Media.

I can tell you we didn’t know if we could pull it off.  Would the camera choice we made, work?  Would the system with the freelance producers work?   Will we be able to deliver to ANC a weekly show?  What if we fail? — in all the small ways failures can happen.

If I was looking for certainty before that first day of shooting, I probably wouldn’t have bought the camera and lights, and rented this office or talk to Riza, Chris, Jan, Karen, Alia, and Anna V.  Leaps of faith don’t require certainty. They require faith that everything will be ok in the end; even if, in what looks like the end, everything doesnt’ seem to be ok.  And the decision to jump doesn’t need to be dramatic or seemingly important at the moment it is made. For us, it was a “why not diba?” vs “a let’s do it and change the world… rah rah rah.. this is Sparta!”  One small decision led to another and it was just about taking the next obvious steps that needed to be done.

By the time we ended the shoot that day, me and Paolo looked at each other with this overwhelming unbelieving feeling.  The interviewees were articulate, could talk about how things were green, how it made  a difference in the bigger picture of country & environment, and were all so chill & cool!  In my head I recognised we had something and I can tell you those first two stories really set the tone for Green Living.

And I guess that is the 2nd possible take away. #1 There will be times in your life that leaps of faith are needed. They require faith not certainty or a pikit-mata-bahala-na-si-batman attitude.  #2 Look for signs of confirmation. Confirmation that you or we are on the right path even if the external signs of success aren’t there. And that confirmation happens on the inside not on the outside. It’s like an insight, an “aha” moment, a recognition of something important has happened — even if you’re not sure or clear where it’s all going.  Confirmation is about trusting what’s happening to you on the inside even when the stuff on the outside isn’t clear and the external signs of success aren’t there.

#3 When the external signs are there though, celebrate them together. And boy, this award is one clear external public confirmation.

In a nice small symbol (that I found important), the van that brought us to the first shoot, was the same one we used to get to the Gawad Tanglaw awards.  And on the ride over I told Paolo how I remember the first award we got together in GAMEPLAN. It was the CMMA in 1996. Gameplan won best show for sports development and the environment (Don’t ask me why).  Then, like last Friday, we weren’t sure if we really did win.  Last Friday, we only got an email from ANC to show up, we didn’t have our names on the official registry list, and they moved us from the ABS/ANC table to another one with the tent card “Administrators”. Hmm.

Paolo & Jake picking up the Gawad Tanglaw
Paolo & Jake picking up the Gawad Tanglaw

Last Friday, like in 1996, we did win and go up on stage in our suits (even then his was black and mine was blue).  Paolo and I had pizza after (on hindsight now, that seems to be the Tripleshot tradition — important days are marked with pizza as we do today).  In 1996, I think we had pizza and pasta too in Shangri-La Pasig and Cheche Lazaro got us a bottle of red wine. To connect that time then and what we have today, we have a bit of red wine too.

So #3 Traditions, rituals, symbols are important —even small and simple ones like having pizza together.  By them, we tell each other what’s important and that something important has happened.  We make external what is internal, public and shared what is personal and private.  We need to do that ‘coz we’re in it together.

These traditions are also points in history that we connect to other points — some a few years ago, some 22 years ago.  As Steve Jobs said, we look back from where we are now and connect the dots backward and make sense of the twist and turns and the seeming undramatic even leap of faith decisions that we’ve made that have brought us here today.

The last small bit of a story is back in the awards of 1996.  When we got to the function room where the CMMA was going to be held, the doors opened and the 5 of us 25 year olds with CLL (Cheche Lazaro)  were shocked with all the industry people who were there. We saw reporters, news anchors, artistas, and industry executives. And then the most amazing thing happened. The crowds parted to give way for CLL (not us, CLL). But she walked us in and somehow told everybody else, “These are the guys who do GAMEPLAN and it is these young guys who won the award.”

So #4. If 20 year olds then can change the way sports shows are shot and edited and what the standard is for a good young sports and adventure show is,  we can do the same today.  And this award and the talk we had with Siliman University sort of confirms this for us.  People get inspired with what we do.


So basically this is it. You are it. You are those 20 year olds that will inspire others and change our industry.  There is no TEAM A. We are not warming the bench for the real team to arrive.  There is no “things will change when I am ready or better or are sure.” There is no practice game. This is it.  So take leaps of faith, look for the signs of confirmation, celebrate the externals signs together with traditions and symbols, and believe that you are it. Because I do.



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