What Do You Write About?

IMG_1936I haven’t written in awhile and felt that I needed to write again this morning. I opened the file where I write my drafts and found myself engaged just reading the working titles:

Why Triathletes Put Their Hands on Their Waist When They Finish

Forest Gumping It

Finding What You’re Looking For When You’re No Longer Looking For It

Telling Worthwhile Stories

A First Letter To New Leaders

It Starts With Believing You Can Make A Difference

When My Kids Ask Me About God

Why I Do It #5

Everything I Learned About Running I Company I Learned From A Saint And Those That Followed Him

Everything Will Be Ok

Going through the drafts made me see myself a little more.  I guess it’s because the stuff we write about is the stuff that’s important to us. They don’t have to be dramatic external events. Like I always tell my class: the stuff that happens on the inside is more important than the stuff that happened outside.  So what do the topics we write about reveal to us about ourselves?  What do you write about?


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