Warm Kale, Garabanzos, Asparagus & Langgonisa Salad

Kale’s got this savory quality with the texture of spinach. To me it’s a great ingredient for a warm savory salad (vs a cold, sweetish or sourish salad). Inspired by a hot bacon and kale recipe I found online, I improvised with what I had: Vigan langgon Kale’s got this savory quality with the texture... Continue Reading →


Vegetarian Chili

I wanted to make chili (something about the flavor & richness, feels very comforting to me). Plus the idea of it being purely vegetarian appealed to me. So I googled and found Emeril Lagasse’s recipe on foodnetwork.com. Here it is. Note this is a huge portion (this one for me serves 6 people). 2 TBS... Continue Reading →

The Spicy Chorizo Quinoa Risotto

It’s really more like fried rice (but we’re not frying anything). And it’s sort of like risotto coz we’re cooking the quinoa in vegetable stock.  So between you and me, let’s call it risotto ‘coz it sounds more impressive. Cook your quinoa as instructed then set it aside. (The one I get from Healthy Options... Continue Reading →

Cooking My Food

I've always liked cooking. As a six year old (maybe) I'd help my mom in the kitchen when she baked. It was fun, I hung out with my mom, and it was creative.  At 11, I remember sautéing my own pork & beans for merienda. I liked how "independent" & "empowered" I felt. (Yaya please... Continue Reading →

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