Four Things We Can Learn From Winning Our First Award

To Tripleshot Media On Winning Our First Award February 22, 2015 On the day we celebrate winning our first award I want to tell you to tell you the story of the first day we shot Green Living, the  first time GAMEPLAN won an award in 1996, and maybe even connect it to our sharing... Continue Reading →


Let’s Change The World

As I ended the class this term, I found I needed to tell them how I re-discovered my sense of purpose.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I first heard that warning with the Jesuits. It was often used when someone talked about what they desired and hoped to do one day. A couple of months ago, after Typhoon Yolanda, we sat in our Monday meeting looking at our show, Green Living, and we asked ourselves: how does what we do, help... Continue Reading →

Don’t Call Me “Po”

“Guys can you please just call me Jake.” “Ok Sir!” “And walang 'Sir' ha!” “Sure po.” You know I get it. I’m the age now of my bosses when I was the age of the producers on the team today. I remember how Cheche Lazaro told us to call her “Cheche” and I couldn’t imagine... Continue Reading →

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