From Passion to Purpose: My 20 Year Story

  I've been feeling the need to write again -- and writing specifically about the journey of listening to our passions and doing something about it. The following, I think, is a good way to get that series going. It was a talk I shared during the IMMAP Digital Youth Conference in October 12, 2016.... Continue Reading →


Have Passion But No Plan

  So you decided to follow that passion or set of passions but you don’t know how to do it. In the class I teach and in my own experience, this lack of a plan can be very disheartening. So what can you do? You can study the industry, look of the opportunities, and talk... Continue Reading →

A Sack of Sweet Potatoes & A Miracle

August 2, 2015 At 21 years old I lived for a week in a remote town in Bukidnon with a fellow Jesuit novice and five 7 year old boys.  The Jesuit missionary in charge of the place, left us alone to go down to Cagayan de Oro for work.  My partner, Louie, and I were... Continue Reading →


What Do You Write About?

I haven't written in awhile and felt that I needed to write again this morning. I opened the file where I write my drafts and found myself engaged just reading the working titles: Why Triathletes Put Their Hands on Their Waist When They Finish Forest Gumping It Finding What You're Looking For When You're No... Continue Reading →


Four Things We Can Learn From Winning Our First Award

To Tripleshot Media On Winning Our First Award February 22, 2015 On the day we celebrate winning our first award I want to tell you to tell you the story of the first day we shot Green Living, the  first time GAMEPLAN won an award in 1996, and maybe even connect it to our sharing... Continue Reading →


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