Four Things We Can Learn From Winning Our First Award

To Tripleshot Media On Winning Our First Award February 22, 2015 On the day we celebrate winning our first award I want to tell you to tell you the story of the first day we shot Green Living, the  first time GAMEPLAN won an award in 1996, and maybe even connect it to our sharing... Continue Reading →


Let’s Change The World

As I ended the class this term, I found I needed to tell them how I re-discovered my sense of purpose.

Discovering Grit in a Half-Ironman

TriUnited 3, October 26, 2014 About 4 hours and 10 minutes into the race, I was 10k to the finish of the 90k bike leg and I started to think about quitting.  This was a no-expectation race for me and I was just happy to be a triathlete again doing a long workout in a... Continue Reading →


Equations That Don’t Add Up

September 7  was the Unilab Active Health Duathlon (6k run, 60k bike in SCTEX, 4k+ run to the finish).  I signed up to ride on SCTEX and scope the bike course for the long distance TriUnited 3.  The idea was to take it easy and treat it as a training day. Cut to… Two hours &... Continue Reading →


TriUnited 2, 2014: Race Day Gives You What It Gives You

Race day gives you what it gives you. And at a certain point, getting to the finish line is like opening Santa’s Christmas gift -- Was I good enough leading up to this day? Will I be pleasantly surprised with what I get? Will I get what I silently wished for? Or, after those months... Continue Reading →


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